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Udemy Course In Pakistan

 I have Published my second UDEMY Course Here is the LINK: check it out!

How to be your Best Version? in Pakistan

How to be your Best Version? in Pakistan Humans have so many layers that sometimes it becomes difficult to have transparency. For effective communication, you must promote your best version and make that visible. Especially for the world that we live in. Our lives are threads that are without a doubt breakable. As we are sensitive and delicate creatures. Why save it for later? The point is simple and that is, if we have short lives, then why not put your best foot forward? The benefits are many, for example, you are desirable to your family and friends, you become an asset for the society, and you live longer. So happiness is within our control. With practice and a positive attitude, it is not only achievable but also transferable. You can try it and appreciate the secret power of the presentation. It is paramount to promote a culture that motivates and supports you. This way you show control. Although there will be a trillion things that can go wrong. B

Rameez Qaiser is on

Rameez Qaiser is on ☹️☹️☺️ This is my FIRST post on I am not new to blogging, as I was already blogging on my WordPress website. I will welcome myself to You cannot compare the two platforms. Because it is a personal preference. Correspondingly, I like Maybe, because I got bored with using the same platform. I will be uploading a video, adding a link, and emojis. Let us Begin this Journey of words by Praising Allah . View this post on Instagram The drawing is a symbol of respect and admiration for the hard work that our creator puts in. He is working from day 1 and non-stop. The initial requirements were difficult to maneuver and tackle. A lot of principles were outlined, but we follow, only a few. The best of people will look for ways to please and evade the anger of this creator. He was the one who designed the super ma