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Udemy Course In Pakistan

 I have Published my second UDEMY Course Here is the LINK: check it out!

How to groom yourself?

Personal Grooming How to groom yourself? Cleanliness is important. All I am saying in this video is to get organized. An unkempt beard may look off. Trimming and keeping it in shape is the way to go.  Similarly for the people who shave? it is better to keep your face moisturized. That to prevent cracks and aging. With the current global water problems that we face? it is pivotal to take care of the first object that people notice. Mental grooming is also very important, reading, problem-solving, and decision making.  I do not think that whatever you read has to necessarily apply. But it is paramount that you reflect and think about it. Even if you do that from a distance. Mental grooming is also about your psychological health. What you can do is? watch a few videos on personal grooming.  Take a piece of paper and write down all the common points that you find useful. Remember to analyze all the three videos and jot down the commonalities. The points that remain on your note pad are t