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Udemy Course In Pakistan

 I have Published my second UDEMY Course Here is the LINK: check it out!

The thought process of drawing a SHARK - HookNTraction

Digital Art is empowering . It brings us closer to digital colors. You can be as colorful as you want. This is empowering because you can manage the intensity of the colors. Studying the eyes can help you understand the right colors. You can do this experiment with your eyes. If you do not feel good when you look at an image? How can your viewers feel the same? It is best to organize your thoughts before you put your pen on your tablet or you start drawing. If you do not know the end goal which is to create something of value, it is most likely that you will get stuck in between. Getting stuck also means that you quit drawing altogether. A useful method is to trick yourself into enjoying. Consider this! A drawing can be therapeutic. It can also brighten up someone's day. Will you skip the feeling of completeness? or sacrifice the cost-benefit analysis for your viewer?