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Udemy Course In Pakistan

 I have Published my second UDEMY Course Here is the LINK: check it out!
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Udemy Course In Pakistan

A Udemy Course that will open up new possibilities. As you know, there are multiple methods to create a long-lasting impact on the minds of your readers. This course is an effort to make you think uniquely. It will enable you to become better at content writing. Apart from content writing, there is a lot more in this. I hope that You will find it helpful and a step that you need to take. In other words, I will have succeeded in this course if it encourages you to write in a creatively gifted way.                                                        CODE: F71CE2C8E4FD5C7CC0A1

How to groom yourself?

Personal Grooming How to groom yourself? Cleanliness is important. All I am saying in this video is to get organized. An unkempt beard may look off. Trimming and keeping it in shape is the way to go.  Similarly for the people who shave? it is better to keep your face moisturized. That to prevent cracks and aging. With the current global water problems that we face? it is pivotal to take care of the first object that people notice. Mental grooming is also very important, reading, problem-solving, and decision making.  I do not think that whatever you read has to necessarily apply. But it is paramount that you reflect and think about it. Even if you do that from a distance. Mental grooming is also about your psychological health. What you can do is? watch a few videos on personal grooming.  Take a piece of paper and write down all the common points that you find useful. Remember to analyze all the three videos and jot down the commonalities. The points that remain on your note pad are t

The thought process of drawing a SHARK - HookNTraction

Digital Art is empowering . It brings us closer to digital colors. You can be as colorful as you want. This is empowering because you can manage the intensity of the colors. Studying the eyes can help you understand the right colors. You can do this experiment with your eyes. If you do not feel good when you look at an image? How can your viewers feel the same? It is best to organize your thoughts before you put your pen on your tablet or you start drawing. If you do not know the end goal which is to create something of value, it is most likely that you will get stuck in between. Getting stuck also means that you quit drawing altogether. A useful method is to trick yourself into enjoying. Consider this! A drawing can be therapeutic. It can also brighten up someone's day. Will you skip the feeling of completeness? or sacrifice the cost-benefit analysis for your viewer?  

Space Mission in Pakistan

Space Mission in Pakistan ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said Pakistan was committed to sending its first astronaut to space by 2022.  Source: It is remarkable how we see so many changes under the P.M Imran Khan's government. This is the second-best thing that after the nuclear tests. And it will help Pakistan understand and comprehend. We will not remain isolated and alienated. There is no other option than Pakistan. We are the custodians of the sovereignty of our beloved country and the protectors of the same. Pakistan has Risen. InshaAllah. “Proud to announce that selection process for the first Pakistani to be sent to Space shall begin from Feb 2020,” he tweeted.  Federal Minister for Science and Technology  Fawad Hussain Chaudhry 

How to be More Creative? in Pakistan

How to be More Creative? in Pakistan There are many avenues that you can explore. Some of these need a greater skill while others are easier to master. That is if you practice regularly. I cannot explain the exact formula for creativity but I can tell you my process. Yes, you will not have to pay for a course to get this precious information. Go to Pixabay, Pexels, Pngtree, Storyblocks and select a few images that you like. I will be talking about how I design my images. Once you select an image, it is better to save them if you can. Now analyze the images. Ask your self? What do I like about this image? Is it the typography, color combinations, transparency, vibrancy or anything else. Now you must keep a drawing tablet at hand and start drawing the image by heart. By this I mean you should learn how to draw by keeping a picture or an object in front of you. Well, technically you are the person who is drawing the image so it is not tracing. You have to keep a close eye


Sufism , or  Taṣawwuf  ( Arabic :  التَّصَوُّف ‎), variously defined as " Islamic   mysticism ",  "the inward dimension of  Islam "   or "the phenomenon of mysticism within Islam",   is mysticism in Islam, "characterized ... [by particular] values that elevate the soul.  It began very early in  Islamic history   and represents "the main manifestation and the most important and central crystallization of" mystical practice in Islam.  Practitioners of Sufism have been referred to as "Sufis". You can do this by offering the obligatory 5 prayers and by strictly adhering to Islamic Principles. The Sufi ascension is not under the control of a Sufi. It is a gift from Allah. All we can do is to try and get closer by doing good deeds and avoiding major sins like drinking.  art BY RAMEEZ QAISER